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oks practice

Kyudo practice started in Oxford in the late 1990's at Oxford Brookes University under the instruction of Liam O'Brien sensei Kyoshi 8th dan, the then Chairperson of UKKA and Shidosha of the London Kyudo Society. As interest amongst students increased and with the aim of further promoting Kyudo at Oxford Brookes University, the Oxford Kyudo Society was formed in 2002. This was made possible with financial assistance in the form of a grant from The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, and not least by the help of Liam O'Brien-sensei.
Since then, the Society has maintained a small but dedicated number of members who have regularly participated in European Kyudo Seminars and International Kyudo Federation (IKYF) examinations.
We are a member of the United Kingdom Kyudo Association (UKKA) and are affiliated to the London Kyudo Society (LKS). Members regularly travel to London to train with LKS.

oks practice

Our practice is under the supervision of Ray Dolphin, Kyoshi 6th Dan

Ray Dolphin has over 30 years experience of Kyudo, starting practice in 1985 at the Meishin Dojo in Kent and later moving to the London Kyudo Society to train under Liam O'Brien sensei. He took over the role of Shidosha at the London Kyudo Society following the passing of O'Brien Sensei in August 2015. He has attended annual European Kyudo seminars led by the highest level Japanese teachers since 1988, visited Japan regularly since the mid 90's and from 2005 he has visited Stockholm twice yearly to lead seminars for the Swedish National association. From 2011 to 2015 he served as secretary of United Kingdom Kyudo Association (UKKA) and is currently the Chairperson of UKKA.

Costs and considerations

  • The annual membership fee for Oxford Kyudo Society is £20
    This subscription covers the administration and logistical expenses of the Society. All functionaries of the Society are on a voluntary basis.
  • In keeping with the amateur status of Kyudo and the practice of Japanese martial arts where students are taught within the environment of the club there are no specific tuition fees.
    There is however a cost to cover the hiring of a venue for practice. This is currently £70 every 3 months. Beginners in the initial months of practice and before they can safely shoot pay half this cost.
    The use of London Kyudo Society's Kinteki practice facilities is kindly provided to members of the Society without any extra charge.
  • Kyudo is extremely safe and has a well established and effective safety procedure. However, insurance cover is required and this is obtained through membership to the national Kyudo association (UKKA). The cost of membership is currently £20 - £50 per year depending on your grade.
  • Through membership of the United Kingdom Kyudo Association (UKKA), members of the Society have free access to annual training seminars and membership to the European Kyudo Federation (EKF) through which members may apply to participate in the annual European Kyudo Seminars and International Kyudo Federation (IKYF) examinations.
  • Equipment for beginners such as bows, arrows and shooting gloves (Yugake) is on loan from the Society for the initial period of training, although members will be expected to purchase the correct training uniform within a few months. As the equipment is an intimate part of practice, students will eventually be obliged to purchase their own equipment.
  • Students are required to purchase the All Nippon Kyudo Federation publication, Kyudo Manual Vol.1 (available in Japanese and English). This is the main reference text used by students of all levels

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